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Welcome.  We hope you find this site informative, interesting and useful.  Scroll down to access links to information about our league.  This site was last updated on December 1, 2004.

The North Alabama Soccer Federation was founded sometime in the early 1970s.  We received and email from Paul Chatta who offered the following narrative about how the league evolved (thank you Paul):

"I thought you might be interested in the origin of the league. I was there.

In 1974 the city high schools decided to add soccer for the 1975 school year.  Many of us played only one season and found that we had no other place to go after graduating. There was only one adult team in Birmingham, the Birmingham Soccer Club.   We started a club at Jeff State that played one season as Jeff State and then became the Metros.  We played against colleges and some high schools.

In 1977 we formed the NASF with about six teams. The Metros stocked the first UAB soccer club with ten players. When these ten players returned, the Metros was re-established and continued for several years.   Wings Soccer Club split from Metros and continues today. " 

On a sad note, the Wings disbanded around 1999.

The league currently has 24 active teams, encompassing approximately 400 members.  A dozen predominantly Latin American teams chose to form their own league in 2000 and hopefully, we can be re-associated with them sometime in the not too distant future, whether it be by re-uniting our leagues, or by inter-league play.

Our stated purpose is " to administer and promote the game of soccer amongst adults in the greater Birmingham area and surrounding communities".   By actively organizing two adult playing seasons each year for over two decades, and further promoting the sport with tournaments and youth coaching, we feel our objectives are being accomplished.

Please enjoy browsing our web site and stop back often; click the links below to check out the sites related pages.  Your suggestions on how to make this a better site are welcome.



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