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Contact CAISL for Fall 2004 registration package:

Mandy McElroy

5440 Ratliff Mine Road - Irondale, AL  35210

Tel 205-957-1191   Fax 205-957 - 1169


Six to eight weeks before the beginning of each season, a kickoff meeting will be held. An announcement of the date, time and location of the meeting is distributed to all team representatives that had teams participating in the previous season. New teams should make their intentions to participate known to the league office.

The meetings are usually held in January (for the spring season) and late July (for the fall season) and are attended by the "NASF Board", comprised of one representative from each team desiring to participate. The meetings are chaired by the NASF President and the Executive Committee which are nominated and voted upon at each fall meeting. Old business will be discussed and new business will be entertained at these meetings.

Two weeks before the beginning of the season, the teams that have paid their dues will be sorted in to three or more divisions on the basis of the previous season's results, the teams' desire to move up or down a division, and any other factors made known before scheduling begins. New teams should express their desire to participate in Division I (highly talented and experienced players), division II (moderately talented and experienced players) or division III (predominantly over 30 for men, 18 and over for women).

CAISL will then formulate the schedule for the season based on each team's field / time preferences, available fields, available referees and any other factors made known to the Committee before or at the meeting. Regular matches are held on Sundays, usually at 1PM or 3PM but sometimes as early as 11 AM or as late as 5 PM depending upon the circumstances.  Each team could be required to play on a weeknight or on a Saturday afternoon / evening.

Within a week of the beginning of the season, your team representative will be notified of the time and location of the team's first match. It is the team representative's responsibility to convey this information to each of the team's members. The team representative should be someone who is easily accessible and willing to put forth a few hours each week organizing the team.

Prior to the first week of play, your team representative will receive by mail, fax, or means otherwise requested by the team representative, a schedule for the remainder of the season.

At each of the team's scheduled matches, each team will be required to:

Arrive at the field in time to begin the match at the scheduled time; the referees will allow a fifteen-minute grace period (deducted from the time allotted in the first half of the match), after which the team with insufficient players will be required to forfeit the match. A minimum of seven players is required to start and finish a match. A team forfeit will place the offending team "not in good standing" with the league; second and subsequent forfeits make the team subject to disciplinary action.

Be properly uniformed; each player must have a matching jersey with a unique number on the back, have matching shorts, matching socks and proper footwear including adult sized shin guards. The uniforms need not be identical, but similar enough to allow the referees to easily distinguish the players from the other teams' players. Sliding pants must be the same color as the player’s shorts. The interpretation of what constitutes a proper uniform is subject to the sole discretion of the referee so it is important that the uniforms be as closely matched as possible.  What slides with one referee might not slide the next week with a different referee and arguing the point only creates animosity - be prepared.

Provide a game ball acceptable to the referee and four suitably sized corner flags for the field; both teams must provide necessary equipment to eliminate any possibility of forfeits due to lack of equipment.

Present a photocopy of the team's official roster; your team representative will be provided a single original roster from the league office. Photocopies of the original roster must be made and a copy presented to the referee at the beginning of each match. The referee will retain the roster at the end of the game to present with the game report so be sure not to give them your original.

Present each participant's Player Pass to the referee; player passes are retained by the referees during each match and returned to the team's designated Captain when the match is finished. The referees will no longer retain the passes of players ejected from a match, rather will return them to the team's Captain.  An incident report will be sent to the league office covering any ejections for review by the Disciplinary Committee.  A minimum one week suspension is imposed on all players ejected for any reason; additional suspension time can be imposed by the Disciplinary Committee when and if deemed necessary. The team representative is responsible for ensuring an ejected player sits out the required game.  Sanctions will be imposed on Team Representatives who knowingly play a suspended player.

Report your score:  After each scheduled match but before 8 PM the day of the match, both teams will be responsible for reporting their results by telephone (957-1191) or by email  The league office will tabulate the weeks' standings and convey them by to each of the Team Representatives.


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