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N E W    N E W S


December 1, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings incorporating a few late scores.



November 28, 2004:  After a 3 week business trip to Africa, finally uploaded final standings...



October 29, 2004:  Uploaded division 1 playoff schedule for November 7th matches.



October 27, 2004:  Uploaded week 7 results and standings.



October 21, 2004:  Uploaded week 6 results and standings.



October 19, 2004:  Uploaded week 5 results and standings, several days late...sorry...



October 6, 2004:  Uploaded week 4 results and standings..



October 4, 2004:  Uploaded week 3 results and standings, several days late...sorry...



September 23, 2004:  Uploaded week 2 results and standings.



September 13, 2004:  Uploaded fall schedule, week 1 results and standings, and fall 2004 team rep contact information.



August 23, 2004:  IMPORTANT - Please make sure you send your $595 team dues, payable to CAISL for the fall season by Wednesday, August 25th.  Reasonably postdated checks are acceptable.  Mail to 5440 Ratliff Mine Road, Irondale, AL  35210.



July 28, 2004:  My humble apologies to those who have asked (repeatedly) for final standings for the spring computer holding the web files had a glitch and I was only able to recover them a few days ago.

Final results and standings for spring 2004 season uploaded.

We voted on July 16th to have our teams register with the Central Alabama Independent Soccer League (CAISL) for one year in lieu of registering with the Alabama Amateur Soccer Division.  We felt that the AASD, which is a member of Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) caters almost exclusively to youth soccer, has not promoted adult amateur soccer adequately, and that the fees we paid them were disproportionate to any benefit we received.

Accordingly, team reps will need to register with CAISL for the fall season on or before registration deadline of August 12, 2004.  Contact the league office for a registration package.  Fees will be a flat $595 for the fall and the same for spring 2005 season.  Compared to registering a 20 person team  with AASD (20 x $20 individual registration + $65 team registration), paying $650 league dues in the fall and another $650 next spring, we stand to save approximately $575 per team per year.

Our schedule for the fall season will be as follows:

          * August 2         Registration opens

          * August 12        Registration deadline

         * August 25        Scheduling begins for teams that have registered and paid

          * September 7   Schedules available

          * September 12   First game

          * November 14    Last game  (Nov 15-21 reserved for inclement weather days)



May 19, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 9. 

Season-ending meeting will be at 7 PM at Los Amigos restaurant on Tuesday, June 1st.

David Busby is seeking volunteers to help at the State Select Adult Exhibition Games at UAB Soccer Stadium May 22 and May 29.  Interested parties should contact David at or Lynn Bertovik at



May 6, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 8 - mostly rainouts. 



April 30, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 7. 



April 28, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 6.  I'm still waiting on the league office to provide me with the results for week 7 matches.  I'll upload them as soon as i get them.

Please make your intentions known to the league office whether your team will be playing in the second annual Spider Martin Memorial Tournament June 5 - 13.  Cost will be $200.  Deadline for registration is may 18th.

The Alabama Sports Festival will be held in Huntsville June 17 - 20.  Click here for details.



April 6, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 5.   Mark your calendars for the second annual Spider Martin Memorial Tournament to be held in Birmingham June 5-6 and June 12-13.  It's possible some weeknight matches could be necessary depending upon the number of teams who register.  Details to follow.



March 30, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 4. 



March 24, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 3. 



March 18, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 2. 



March 17, 2004:  Uploaded results and standings for week 1.  Only four scores were reported for week 2 so will update again when you people decide to call them in - Remember...BOTH teams are supposed to call in their scores every Sunday to 957-1191 or by email to



March 3, 2004:  Overhaul day - uploaded schedule for spring 2004 season.



November 18, 2003:  Uploaded final results and standings for fall 2003 season




November 5, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings for week 9.



October 31, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings for weeks 7 and 8 (I didn't receive them from the league office until this morning - sorry...)

Bruce McClendon called me to tell me that Spider Martin's daughter Tracy is going to display some of her work as a tribute to her late father at the Bare Hands Art Gallery located at 725 29th Street South (tel 324-2124).  Here is the press release just received directly from the gallery:

Saturday, Nov 1 - Dia De Muertos Celebration (Day of the Dead) - Installation for Hombre Arana (Spider-Man) by Tracy Martinez (Tracy Martin). Ofrendas Welcome (Offerings Welcome).  This celebration will be held in the style of Day of the Dead in Mexico where family and friends come together on Nov 1 and 2 to remember lost loved ones.  Offerings are often brought in memory of the deceased such as their favorite food, beverage, flower, etc. and placed on altars in their honor.  Tracy Martin will convert Bare Hands' back courtyard into an altar for her father, Spider Martin. 7pm, free admission, BYOB.  We will have a craft table set up with all needed supplies to make paper flowers for the altar.  There will also be music and a Corona toast to Spider.  Hope you can join us for our first annual Dia de Muertos celebration!



October 16, 2003:  Uploaded information regarding 2003 Alabama Amateur State Cup received last night.  Click here for direct link.



October 15, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings through week 6.


The Sauce vs Buffalo Rock - time changed to 1 PM start from 2 PM

Soccernuts vs United Nations FC - time changed to 3 PM start from 4 PM



October 8, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings through week 5.  There's still a lot of no reports which makes the standings kind of meaningless; be sure to call your scores in to the league office (new number 957-1191) or send them in by email to on Sunday evenings.


Fall 2003 team rep list finally received and uploaded.

Link to Tango Uniform and Upper 90 team websites added to links page.  Send us yours!

Dinosaurs II vs United Nations FC and Dinosaurs I vs Iguana that were rained out on September 21st will be played tonight at 6 PM and 7:45 PM respectively.  I don't know where, but assume that they do...

Please remain cognizant that we are guests at other people's facilities - act like it...



September 30, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings through week 4.  A lot of no reports this week; be sure to call your scores in to the league office (new number 957-1191) on Sunday evenings.

Please be cognizant about using profanity at our matches.  There are children with sensitive ears at our games and people who live in the neighborhood don't really want to hear about your displeasure.

The NASF wishes to re-state that it does not condone the consumption of alcoholic beverages at any of its matches, and any team that causes the league to lose use of a field because of park/school ordinance violation(s) will be subject to disciplinary action.



September 25, 2003:  Uploaded results and standings through week 3.  A lot of no reports this week; be sure to call your scores in to the league office (new number 957-1191) on Sunday evenings.


September 17, 2003:  Uploaded remainder of fall 2003 schedule, and results and standings through week 2.  Mitch and Mandy have finally moved the league office - the new address is 5440 Ratliff Mine Road - Irondale, AL  35210 - Tel 957-1191, fax 957-1169.



September 8, 2003:  Uploaded first half of fall 2003 schedule - rest will upload later this week.



July 31, 2003:  Uploaded registration information and milestone dates for the fall 2003 season.



June 4, 2003:  Uploaded final results for Spring 2003 season.  Congrats to Iguana, Dinosaurs I and Birmingham Celtics for clinching the number one spot in their respective divisions.


New players added to your team have to be registered and obtain their player passes.  If a new player has never registered before, submit a completed player registration form with the player’s picture, fees and an updated roster.  If a new rosteree has been registered previously, you need only submit his or her player pass (or a photo with his or her ID number if known), full name, address, date of birth, phone number, fees and an updated roster.  Annual registration fees are $60 for the team plus $20 for each player.  Checks should be made payable to A.A.S.A., and mailed with team roster, registration forms for new players and player passes for returning players to AASA - 100 Walnut St - Trussville, AL 35173.  Tel 661-6333, fax 661-6373.  Allow 7-10 days for processing and return.




No cards and / or no roster?   No play.  Don't even ask.  You may play a friendly against your scheduled opponent in lieu of the match, but the refs will not officiate (a few will officiate a friendly match following a forfeit but most won't).



Ties will stand during league play.



A player receiving a yellow card caution will not be required to leave the field, but may be substituted during the stoppage if deemed necessary or desirable by the team rep and / or the officials.



A red card ejection from a match will carry a one-week suspension, and additional suspension time will be added for more serious offenses if necessary.  The referee shall return the ejected player's card to the team representative after the match, and it will be the team representative's responsibility to ensure the suspension is carried out.  The disciplinary committee will review all yellow and red cards for determination of suitable punishment.  Disciplinary appeals may be made to the Chair of the disciplinary committee - the Honorable David Fleenor.  His email (preferred) is and his fax number is 323-2355.  All disciplinary appeals must be presented in writing to be considered.



A team representative who knowingly plays an illegal player (not rostered or suspended) will be viewed in the same negative light as the illegal player.  S/he will be subject to one week suspension for circumventing the rules, and the player, if playing while suspended, will be subject to an additional two weeks suspension.  Don't do it!



Effective fall 2001, team rosters will be limited to 22 players.  This is to encourage formation of new teams.




Double rostering of players is not allowed.  Temporary player passes are not allowed.  All players must be properly registered with A.A.S.A., must be listed on the teams' official roster, and must have a valid player pass.